About PEAK - An Online Education Community

In 2018, CommPartners held our first in-person user group conference, PEAK Usergroup. Over the two day event, we covered a range of topics including online learning strategy, the science behind how the brain learns, building online communities, webinars and online events, and trainings around our LMS platform, Elevate. We also got to hear from our clients about their successes and next steps in their online education initiatives - and met many of you face-to-face for the first time!

Regrouping after the event, the general consensus from both our staff and participants was that we must do this again. Thus a plan was put in place to offer our PEAK Usergroup conference  as an every-other-year event. Not wanting to lose the opportunity to connect with our fantastic community in the off-year, we decided to launch PEAK Bootcamp - a one-day, single track conference covering an important online learning trend. Our 2019 PEAK Bootcamp will be held at the unique event space Spire in Washington, D.C. and will center around virtual events. We look forward to seeing you this April and at future PEAK events!


Spire, home of PEAK Bootcamp 2019